Denise Alessandra Ambroggio​​​

Writer & Director
Denise Alessandra Ambroggio is an Italian writer and director currently living and working in Los Angeles, USA.
She was born in Torino, Italy on December 1st 1992.
From a very young age she was driven by a very strong need to understand what was surrounding her; an overwhelming curiosity about life and the world as she was perceiving it.
In 2015 she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Media Design & Multimedia Arts at NABA, Milan.
The strength and talent in her work at NABA earned her a scholarship to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in New Mexico.
Showing great promise and a vigorous work ethic, she was granted a second scholarship for an MA program at
The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles where she graduated in Film & Media Production in 2016.
Since then she has worked on a variety of films, behind and in front the camera.
Her artistic focus has always been on the blurred line between the dream world and our reality; where the magic happens.
In February 2017 she married Gordon James Asti, an american actor with whom she lives in Los Angeles.